Rat Proofing

If you have found evidence of rats, or have recently resolved a rat infestation in your home, then it is crucial to your health and safety that your home is rat proof. Rodent Solution's professional and effective rat control is your best solution to prevent a future rat infestation from ruining your home and damaging your health.

When we Rat Proof, we seal the structure by looking for all entry points in the attic, the top of the roof, the crawl space, all the way around the property with materials that rodents cannot chew. We use steel mesh, sheet metal if necessary, concrete, expanded foam, wood and other materials.

The ship rat, roof rat, or house rat peeps out of a hole in the roof

Mice Control

Mice have been plaguing humans for as long as humans have been. They are known to infest houses and buildings thanks to their ability to pass through the smallest points of entry. Mice should be a concern to any owner due to their ability to spread disease and their destructive eating habits.

Rodent Solution will place traps in areas where children or pets cannot reach. We will monitor these traps 2-3 times a week until the rodents are controlled and we will remove the captured rodents. This is done to avoid strong odors from decaying rodents caught in our traps. We will continue to monitor these traps until we stop trapping rodents.

Attic-decontamination-1 (Personalizado)

Attic Cleaning & Decontamination Process

Rodent Solution gets rid of the rodent population in your attic. A comprehensive rodent infestation cleanup is needed to keep your home clean and free from health hazards. Rodent Solution are the experts in detecting after a rat infestation. Clean up rat and rodent clutter with ease by calling the pros!

• We will remove all debris from the roof
• Remove existing blown / rolled insulation. Place in sturdy bags and discard
• Vacuum the attic area with vacuums equipped with HEPA filters to make sure all rodent contamination is removed from your home.
• Spray with organic neutralizing spray to disinfect and reduce any disease.

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